"LNG" brand was originally founded by Li Ning Sports in 2010, focusing on clothing products with young, trendy and sports elements. In 2019, after the "LNG" brand was independently operated by the group, combined with the sports functionality in the field of e-sports, it focused on the brand new sports and fashion apparel and footwear market and fine-tuned to build the LNG brand. In 2020, "LNG" cooperated with " The King's Avatar " and “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" to launch limited edition products.
Through the marketing strategies on different online platform, "LNG" brand successfully opened a pop-up store in Hangzhou in the fourth quarter of 2020 and made its debut in its retail market. The first physical store in China also opened in Chongqing in January 2021. In the future, "LNG" brand will continue to build a trend brand with high appearance and high quality to the next "young generation" who represent e-sports, two dimensions, trend and other consumers.

" NEIZHUANG " was established in early 2021 and is our brand focusing on the field of underwear. 

" NEIZHUANG " is the first middle to high-end female underwear brand focusing on the original design of silk underwear, mainly creating lightweight and comfortable silk close-fitting clothes. It is originality and developed by the Group.

" NEIZHUANG " advocates elegant and exquisite living conditions. Using environmental-friendly and natural high-quality of silk materials and precious Levis lace, combined with high-quality technology and ingenious details, it creates textured close-fitting clothes to bring light, comfortable, natural and healthy care to women's skin.

" NEIZHUANG " is determined to help modern women with the achievement of lithe, comfort, beauty and self-confidence from the inside out. It aims to make modern women bid farewell to basic choices and awaken women's pursuit of beauty. Let modern women own high-quality underwear products and enjoy exquisite modern life.


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