With an aim to enhance the physical health and sports performance of city dwellers, the Group has co-operated with Dr. Bob Chen, a reputed sports and physical rehabilitation expert, and targeted to set up "Dr. Chen Sports Training & Rehabilitation Center" in Li Ning Sports Parks, sports communities and major cities in the PRC.

Dr. Bob Chen was an ex-professor of New York University and ex-assistant professor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, respectively, and was appointed as the chief expert of physical rehabilitation of China Basketball Association and China Golf Association. He helped Chinese national teams in preparing for various summer and winter Olympics during 2004-2016.

Capitalizing Dr. Bob Chen’s experience, recognition and acceptability in the aspect of sports rehabilitation, together with his professional executive team and skills, Dr. Chen Sports Training & Rehabilitation Center is expected to provide all-round physical rehabilitation training and contribute to health management for professional and amateur athletes, as well as the community.

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