By providing a broad spectrum of localised, professional and accessible indoor and outdoor leisure sports venues and facilities, training and services for popular sports and leisure activities, as well as value-added services such as sports training and coaching courses, production and coordination of conferences and team activities, catering, retail, entertainment and health management at the sports destinations operated and managed by the Group, we aimed at driving people’s participation in sports and leisure activities, while creating diversified sources of revenue.

Yangzhou Li Ning Sports Park

Yangzhou Li Ning Sports Park, invested by Yangzhou Municipal People’s Government and is the first sports park managed and operated by the Group, officially opened in October 2015. With a land area of approximately 170,000 square meters, Yangzhou Li Ning Sports Park is well-situated in Guangling New Town and has favorable accessibility.

Yangzhou Li Ning Sports Park is well-equipped with high-quality and professional sports facilities, and provides comfortable venues for sports activities, such as indoor swimming pools, badminton courts, table-tennis courts, basketball courts, light volleyball courts, football pitches, tennis and squash courts, gymnasium, multifunctional stadium and fitness centre, whilst services provided included rental of sports venues, the organization of sports events and community/ corporate cultural and sports activities, professional sports coaching and training courses, sales of merchandise and other commercial ancillary offerings, all in a bid to meet the demand of sports and fitness in the neighborhood. Yangzhou Li Ning Sports Park has greatly promoted the popularity of sports in the community, and become a new hub for sports and leisure activities in that region.

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Linyi Li Ning Sports Center

Located at the center of Linyi city of Shandong Province and invested by the People’s Government of Linyi, Linyi Li Ning Sports Centre aims to provide the neighbourhood with various sports-related facilities and service. Currently, it is equipped with facilities including badminton courts, basketball courts, tennis and squash courts, swimming pool, gym and yoga studios, and multi-functional activities room, etc. We have secured the operating and management rights for the Linyi Li Ning Sports Centre, which has commenced operation in January 2018. Under the Group’s management and operation, Linyi Li Ning Sports Centre is expected to be optimised with a larger variety of sports-related and commercial ancillary offerings catered for local needs, such as coaching and training courses, F&B and sports rehabilitation services.

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Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Li Ning Sports Park

Located in Hangzhou Bay New Zone, Ningbo city of Zhejiang province and with a land area of approximately 293,000 square meters, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Li Ning Sports Park is currently under the management and operation of the Group. Having commenced trial operation since June 2018 and had its grand opening in October in the same year, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Li Ning Sports Park offers an array of professional sports facilities, including a sports complex built with a 50-meter standard swimming pool, a multifunctional gymnasium equipped with basketball and badminton courts, swimming pools, fitness centers, football pitches, tennis courts, sports equipment retailer and ancillary commercial services. Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Li Ning Sports Park will keep ramping up its sports-related and ancillary commercial services to meet the needs of the local community, such as offering various physical coaching and training courses and recreational activities to boost sports-related leisure consumption and promote national physical fitness, and help raising the popularity of sports in the neighbourhood.

Nantong Li Ning Sports Centre

Located in Gangzha District of Nantong City in Jiangsu Province and officially commenced operation in January 2019, Nantong Li Ning Sports Centre is a sports complex comprising a natatorium, an integrated sports arena, a fitness centre and a physical examination centre. Designed to become “hub for national health as well as urban vitality”, it is committed to promoting national fitness across the neighborhood.

Tianjin Li Ning Sports Centre

Tianjin Li Ning Sports Centre, located in Xiqing District of Tianjin Municipality and officially commenced operation in June 2019, is a sports complex composed of a basketball arena, an integrated table tennis and badminton arena, a natatorium and a 2,000-seater multifunctional coliseum.